Best Free Games on PC

Are you looking for free games to play on your computer? Whether your frugal or simply just broke, free is something that appeals to anyone's purse. Especially when you can also win real money in the process. This is possible by using no deposit free spins bonuses from USA online casinos that will allow you to play their real money slots games without risk. Just as PlayStation and Xbox have created a system for handing out free games through Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus memberships, several PC games have taken a completely different approach, providing players with some of the best video game experiences without charging a single penny.

While Twitch Prime users pay a monthly subscription that guarantees an assortment of free games every month, such as Tales from the Borderlands, Oxenfree, and Superhot, a vast number of games are permanently on the house. In addition, most of them can be played online, allowing groups of friends to enjoy an arsenal of games without having to spend a fortune.

From fantasy to sci-fi to the military, from card battlers to block-builders to MMORPGs, it turns out that zero can buy you tons of entertainment in the Free-to-Play gaming world. Below, you will find the top free PC games and all you are required to spend is your time.

League of Legends

Drawing inspiration from the original Dota, this captivating MMORPG video game takes the same 5v5 concept of base attacks but provides a completely unique roster of in-game characters that is continuously expanding. League of Legends is also more accessible and easier than Dota and offers one of the highest skill caps in video gaming. Over 100 million players enjoy the game each month at international gaming events and some of the best players are tactical geniuses.

Dota 2

In Dota 2, two teams featuring five players on either side choose their favourite heroes from a wide range of options before heading to the battlefield to destroy the base of their opponents. This is no easy task as both team bases are protected by towers and can spawn waves of powerful creatures. Each player is required to make the most of their heroes' special abilities, providing a complex and tough situation with each attack. It's one of the most beloved games on Steam, drawing in hundreds of thousands of online players daily.


TERA has been the backbone of the MMO world for several years and with good reason. This incredible video game rejects the traditional point-and-click you find in most games when it comes to combat and is considered an all-out action game that draws inspiration from Devil May Cry. If that doesn't grab your attention, the new event server certainly will. The alternative reality known as Manahan provides quicker level progression along with tougher dungeons, switched up battlegrounds, and special changes to just about everything. The recent update from TERA offers something for everyone, regardless if you are new to the game or a returning player.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is considered one of the best MMORPGs available online. What makes it even more impressive is that you can play most of it for free and there are loads of interesting things to do, such as assisting a burning village, participating in zone events where everyone can get involved and function as a large team to take down a tough boss, and complete various quests for non-player characters. You'll be required to buy the Heart of Thorns game expansion pack, but the Guild Wars 2 base game is large enough to provide hours of entertainment with loads to do and plenty of places to explore.

Revelation Online

Although Revelation Online looks extremely familiar when it comes to its eastern visuals, there's one unique feature that makes it stand out from MMORPG games like Blade & Soul and ArcheAge, and that's the ability to fly. Your champion in Revelation Online, instead of being chained to the ground by gravity, can easily spread its wings and glide through the skies in the virtual world known as Nuanor. The vast open world on its own is stunning to explore and nothing is out of reach. In fact, flying can be used for more than just exploration. Several PvP modes allow you to do aerial combat, creating a brand-new dimension when it comes to multiplayer battles.

Eve Online

There's no other MMO in the world that's as player-driven as this space-based video game developed by one of the top gaming companies, CCP Games. Eve Online boasts with mega-corporations operated by legions of online players and usually gigantic space battles with more than 5,000 participating pilots. The free-to-play model of Eve Online allows you to experience all the space madness without the need to buy a subscription. This makes it one of the best free games to play on your computer.

Casino-based Free Games for PC

Free computer games is not only popular in the video gaming world, but also provides loads of entertainment for online players looking to spin the reels on their favourite video slot or try their hand at online poker. Most online casinos and poker rooms allow players to test a wide range of free casino games and poker variations without having to make a deposit into the casino. One such online casino is Guts where games from Microgaming, Quickfire, Betsoft and Thunderkisk can be played for hours of entertainment. Guts offers an exceptional casino experience and you will be able to extend your gameplay across multiple platforms, including Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry, by using the same login details. What's more, new players can register for a welcome bonus and start playing and winning immediately.

What makes these online casino establishments even more appealing is that there's no download required to test their free games as everything can be accessed through a web-browser or flash format. Players can look forward to a wide selection of free games like video slots, roulette, baccarat, video poker, keno, and blackjack variations such as Cool 21, as well as online poker such as Club Casino Poker. This gives players the perfect opportunity to see if they enjoy the game before spending their hard-earned money at any online casino operator.