The Future Is Here - Fly Air Warrior III Today!

Climb into the cockpit of one of 49 accurately modelled, beautifully rendered aircraft and discover Air Warrior III - a world of thrilling one-to-one dogfights, strategic high-altitude bombing missions, and last-ditch home airfield defences, all in real-time, against real opponents!

Take off in Great War classics like the Sopwith Camel or the Red Baron's own Fokker Dr.I. Choose a World War II arena (European and Pacific theatres) and fly great piston-engine fighters such as the Spitfire, the P-51 Mustang, the F4U Corsair, the Focke-Wulf 190, or the A6M5 Zero.

Drop into a briefing room and select a crew of gunners for a B-17 Flying Fortress, a Junkers Ju 88, or a G4M2 Betty for an attack on an enemy base. Radio for fighter escorts and take a C-47 under the radar for a daring paratrooper raid on an enemy airfield. And watch out for ground defenses!

For you jet enthusiasts, Air Warrior III features the world's first operational jet fighter plane, the Messerschmitt 262 Sturmvogel. Or, choose the Korean War arena, pull on your flight suit, and fire up the engines of an F-86F Sabre or the fabled Soviet MiG-15.

If you're ready, click the Play button and go into action. If you are a new pilot, browse around and get to know the world of Air Warrior III. Click each of the three images scattered among these paragraphs for sneak game previews. Follow the How to Play and Community buttons for more information. Fly some off-line missions and familiarize yourself with different aircraft. The online arenas are scaled for different skill levels, while human guides are available to help.

Air Warrior III System Requirements

  • Windows 95®
  • Pentium 90Mhz (regular 2D rendering)
  • Pentium 133Mhz (3D hardware rendering)
  • DirectX 5.0
  • Direct 3D compatible video card with 4MB VRAM (3D hardware rendering)
  • 16MB RAM (regular 2D rendering)
  • 24MB RAM (3D hardware rendering)
  • 70MB free hard drive space
  • 14.4kpbs modem
  • Supports most popular joysticks
  • Supports most popular sound cards