Welcome Golfers!

Every shot flies, bounces, and rolls true in the Jack Nicklaus Online Golf Tour, with real courses designed by real designers, unlimited camera angles, unpredictable weather, true physics, quick re-draw, real opponents in real time -- and some pretty real trash talking!

Tee off against the best players on the world's most famous golf courses in the online multiplayer version of the wildly popular Jack Nicklaus series from Accolade. Join a foursome in the gross score or handicap tournament play, or watch your favourite golfers from the gallery. And owners of the box editions of Accolade's Jack Nicklaus 4can upload courses created with the Course Designer.

If you're ready, click the Play button and hit the links! If you are a new player, browse around and get to know the world of the Jack Nicklaus Online Golf Tour. Click each of the three images scattered among these paragraphs for sneak game previews. Follow the How to Play andCommunity buttons for more information. And when you go online, human guides are available to help.

Jack Nicklaus Golf System Requirements

  • Windows 95┬«
  • Pentium 90Mhz CPU or faster
  • 38MB hard-drive space (150MB for CD install)
  • 16MB RAM
  • 2X CD-ROM (CD install only
  • SVGA color graphics (640 x 480 16-bit, 56k colors)
  • DirectX3.0 (or greater)
  • Keyboard or mouse
  • 14,000-baud modem